Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pretty in Pig Tails

Bella has so much hair that its sometimes hard to handle. John and I both decided that we wanted to grow her hair out so cutting it isnt an option. So we have had to come up with new ways to keep the hair out of her eyes. well pig tails were the only thing that worked. having a bow in her hair is nice but she loves to pull them out and eat them so we came with a compromise and do two little bows with pig tails what do you think???

Bella is Crawling!!

I can't believe that my baby girls is into EVERYTHING!!!!! she started crawling out of no where! guess this Christmas we are going to have to keep everything off the floor. She has actually gained lots of speed as well. but the hardest part is knowing shes growing so fast :( . Sometimes I wish they could stay a baby just a little bit longer

Jake goes to preschool

We are so excited to say that Jake loves preschool. At first it was a big adjustment since he had only been to grandmas, but now he loves to learn anything and everything. Jake got excellent in all areas at his conference and they say even though his birthday is late he should be good to go for kindergarten ya!!! Heres some pictures of Jakes first day of school!
So excited


We had such a great time this year taking the kids trick or treating jake went as a fireman and bella went as a lady bug. I think they both got way to much candy so jake agreed that if we got rid of some of it he would get a nice toy instead.well heres some pictures enjoy!

BellaJake and Bella

Monday, March 1, 2010


Becoming a mom of two is tiring! from running one toddler to the bathroom and a newborn crying for a bottle it seems like the day is never going to end! but i wouldnt change it for the world!
Isabella rose haldeman was born on january 26th at 2:13 pm she is 6lbs 14 ounces and 19 inches long and the sweetest little thing! she loves when you kiss her cheek she gets the biggest smile. life has changed so much from buying mini footballs and thomas the train toys to bows. ruffle socks and pink, lots of pink! baby and mom are both doing well. I did have post partum hemorrage but they got it under control after about an hour so now were both home and recovering nicely!

Bella and Mommy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

our new home!

So i have finally gotten my camera to upload all of the new pics of our new home! we love it here, we have so much space and feel so much more independent. the only down side of living in this fabulous new place is our neighbor is always out of town but has a dog that barks 24/7 , but we have really gotten used to it! i just hope that the dog doesnt wake Isabella when she gets here! well im sure that everyone just wants to see some pics so here they are!
Jake standing in our living room this is his favorite place in the whole house.
My great great grandmothers kitchen table, i use it for pictures its right next to our staircase

Our fire place, I have to admit the hubby is getting good at making them, it heats our place up so well and so much cheaper!

A view of the living room from the staircase

Jakes new big boy bed, he loves to sit on it and say his ABC's

Jake Showing where his baby sister is going to sleep, we decided to put the crib up early so that he would get used to the idea that she was going to be in there with him, as you can see i still dont have girl bedding i just dont like what i see out there!

Jake showing off his ducky sink lol yes hes obsessed with ducks! he calls my brother george uncle ducky because he always wears a hat lol!

Jake showing off his bath tub!
More ducks
Jakes movie area of his room
View from jakes bathroom
Jakes book shelf

Laundry room

Jake standing in mommy and daddys room he loves our new bed

Another view of our room

View from our bathroom

our bathroom

our walk in closet

our dinning room table as you can see I LOVE RED!

Another shotOur Thanksgiving stuff... which is now in the closet so we can make room for our Christmas stuff!

As you can see there is still so much more that we need to do and yes its small but hey its home to us and we love it and thats all that matters, well we hope that you all love what you see, well thats all for now! more to come


Saturday, October 31, 2009

New news!

Life has been going well, a little crazy now that we are trying to move in 2 weeks later then we had planned, but its going good! I had my dr.'s appointment on thursday that went really well. i got my flu shots, yes they hurt, and no i didnt belt out in pain like i wanted too! but everything went well with that! I did find out that Isabella may be coming earlier then expected my dr. said that she is already starting to sit low and i get atleast 2 hard contractions a day! what does that mean? well if she is in the same position that she is now it means that i will most likely get a c section around 37 weeks because when they are sitting butt down legs up they say its almost impossible for the dr. to try to move them and if you go into labor it just stresses the baby, so i have an ultra sound again in 3 weeks after that appointment i have to start going every other thursday till mid dec. then once a week, im telling you everyone in that office knows me i dont even have to say my name to check in any more. being almost 28 weeks pregnant is kind of scary i might be bringing home a little one in 9 weeks isnt that crazy! ahh this has gone so fast! john and i still cant believe that were having a new baby! jake is more then thrilled, when he goes to the dr. with me he will ask is baby sister fine? hes so loving. well thats all for now hopefully this baby stays in here for me :)